Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vote for Hannah

I know all of you are tired of elections and voting and such. There are a few states, including Georgia, where the political ads are still running in full swing as we move toward runoff elections. I’m sure most of you reading this will do your duty and vote.

While in the voting mood, I want to ask you to vote for my friend Hannah Kasulka. Hannah is not running for political office although now that I think about it I’m sure she could do that as well. Hannah is a model who has appeared in numerous magazines. And she needs your vote for a great opportunity that is hers.

To give you a little background, I knew Hannah when she was still in her mom’s tummy. Her mom actually lived with us for awhile many moons ago. I was there when she was born and as a little girl she used to come to our house, run to me and jump in my lap. That was right before she would go out on the porch to play with our kitties. As she got older, we attended more than a few of her dance recitals. I have been impressed at this very beautiful and talented girl all along the way. I was not surprised when she graduated from high school as an honor graduate and I smiled with pride when she was accepted as a student at Georgia Tech.

During her high school and college career, she has balanced a very tough academic load with a successful modeling career.

She sent me a link to a website the other day to give me the opportunity to vote for her. She and a group of other gorgeous girls are being voted on to appear in a national clothing magazine which I assume will be financially rewarding for her as well. I went to the site and voted for her. My plan is to vote for her every day until the contest ends at the end of the year since I can only vote once per day.

If you would help me help Hannah, I sure would appreciate it.

Here’s how you do it:

Click on the link at the bottom. When you get to the site, look at the top of the page and register. You can’t vote unless you register. After you register, click on Heritage 1961 link at the top of the page. When you get to Heritage 1961 page, you will see on the left where you can vote for the model of your choice. You will then see Hannah’s beautiful picture with the other girls. Just click on her picture to vote for her.

THEN, you can save the website on your favorites and vote for her every day until the end of the year.

She hasn’t promised lower taxes. She has not made a statement on what she plans to do about the energy crisis or the turmoil on Wall Street. This is truly a candidate who has made no promises.

But I promise you this: If she wins, I will personally see to it that you get an autographed picture of this gorgeous girl. And you can proudly say, “ I knew her before she became famous.”

To vote for my Hannah, CLICK HERE and follow the instructions I have given you in italics above.

Her Daddy Bruce sure would appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I voted!

Anonymous said...

I voted for her, but i think she needs a different picture that shows more of her natural beauty.

Wayne Long said...

I voted brother! I will link to your blog and get some of my online buddies to vote too.

I think I remember you telling me about them - way back when. :)