Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Friday Night and It's All Right

Man oh man it’s good to be home on this Friday night. After a busy week, there really is nothing like being home on a Friday night. And the fact that Friday nights are “Taylor” nights at our house, it is even better.

I started off Monday morning finding myself on a plane to Shreveport. Since the planes that fly between Atlanta and Shreveport are too small to use my laptop to work on whatever I need to be working on – my I Touch works just fine to pass the time. I had downloaded a few episodes of a highly recommended TV show. With my earphones in my ear, I didn’t realize I was laughing out loud. The lady sitting next to me tapped me and had to know what was so funny. I plugged her earphones into my I Touch and in just a minute or two she was laughing out loud. The man across the aisle then had to know what was so funny.

You want to make friends in a hurry? Give them something to laugh about.

The nice lady with the sense of humor had a name. She was Sheila from Lexington KY. It turns out her dad is a long time funeral director who retired a few years ago. Imagine that. I mailed Sheila and her dad a book and a CD today. Maybe I will never hear from them again. Or maybe I made me a new friend.

By the way, the funny show we shared was Mabe in America. If you want to laugh out loud, it comes on CMT. Not sure of the day and time, but it will be worth your time to find out.

Tuesday night, after an all day business meeting, a co-worker and I noticed they were having Karaoke in the hotel lobby. We stopped by for a few minutes to watch. We couldn’t help but notice a very cute girl in a red mini skirt who was obviously very proud of her legs. I think they call it booty dancing. I can tell you nobody danced like that when I was coming along. There were more than a few young studs very willing to dance with her. I don’t know where the girl in red slept that night but I have a strong feeling she did not sleep alone.

Thursday night I was back in town and had dinner with a group of business associates at Carabba’s near my office. The Italian food and American fellowship were great. What was not great was the ride home. When I got on the interstate I called my wife and told her I would be home in about 25 minutes. The first cramp hit me while I was talking to her. I then told her I would actually be home in about 15 minutes and to please unlock the door.

Unless you suffer from IBS, you have no idea what I am talking about. The trip home was funny when I was telling the story to a friend today – but it was not funny at all while it was happening last night. For those of you who really care – I did make it. But only by the hair of my chinny chin chin. The thing that bothered me while I was passing a line of cars on Hwy 247 is there have been more times than I want to admit when I didn’t make it.

My wife has seen it all too often. Her very nonchalant comment after I finally said hello was, “That happened to you the last time you ate there.”

The good news is I was over it today. And when I left my office about 5PM today, I took a very leisurely drive home in the pouring rain, walked casually in my house and was greeted by my little grandbaby girl who held out her arms asking her Papa to pick her up.

I can tell you having an adorable grandbaby girl meet you at the door is much better than funny TV shows, meeting new friends on airplanes, booty dancers in red dresses, Italian restaurants and the funny stories that come from a desperate man trying to get home before he ruins a company car… and more importantly the family name.

It’s Friday night and it's all right in the Goddard household.

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