Sunday, November 09, 2008

Okay to Keep Investing

I spent most of Saturday on the road driving to and from a speaking engagement. I’ve had the privilege of spending days like that over and over again the last dozen years or so. I’ve been to a lot of places and stood in front of a lot of groups.

There are times I know absolutely nobody at the place at which I am supposed to speak. I have a name written on a piece of paper and when I arrive I ask someone to point me to that person so I can introduce myself. Usually that person is not difficult to find because they are standing out front pacing and looking at their watch and hoping I show up.

Many times I know at least a few people who will be in the audience. Every now and then when I am speaking close to home, I know most everybody.

But there has never been anybody who knows me better or is more familiar to me than the two Whatley sisters who were in the audience yesterday in Palmetto, GA.

We grew up across the street from each other in Reynolds, GA. Our parents were best friends and naturally we became best friends. We played together as little kids. Although miles have always separated us, we have stayed in touch throughout the years.

And we share a ton of memories.

When I use stories of my parents to motivate and inspire others, most people listening can only imagine what I’m talking about and who I’m talking about. Debbie and Donna knew them as well as I knew them. And they know all the stories.

In a time when retirement accounts are dwindling and financial uncertainty covers us all like a dark cloud, there are a few assets that continue to grow.

I was reminded yesterday that lifelong friendships that keep growing and growing are worth far more than anything money can buy.

And it's still okay to keep investing in them.


Anonymous said...

I would have recognized those two beautiful ladies anywhere :) Their precious parents are dear to me and I love Sue ("Wowa") and Julian ("Doowoochi")and so did my mama and daddy!!

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I always love hearing you speak, but when you talk about Naia and Ed, I cry every time. I can't tell you how much I value our childhood together and the influence your parnets had on me. I was at a dinner party recently, and people were talking about those that had gone on before us that had impacted our lives. Of course I had to remember Naia and Ed. And Dixie, if you read this,many of my fondest childhood memories revolve around you and your wonderful parents and sisters. Debbie

Judy S said...

It has been so many years since I've seen these two but I think I could have picked them out of the crowd. Tug and I share the same birthday, of course I'm a few years older. I remember how excited I was the day she was born because it was by birthday. Great to see you. Judy

Anonymous said...

Bruce, thanks for posting the picture of the 2 Whatley sisters. I loved it when I spent the night with Debbie--her parents were wonderful. I also remember her MaMa's buttermilk pie. Debbie, if you read this, you are still as beautiful now as you were then. Please let me know if you come to Reynolds, I would love to see you. Sue

Anonymous said...

Sue, Great hearing from you. We are happy to be back from London, but still miss it. I will give you a shout next time I come that way.

Anonymous said...

Debbie,Please let me hear from you.

southernjoy said...

I forgot to tell you that you were awfully close to our house!

Keith called me last week and said he glimpsed at the newspaper and saw that you were speaking in Palmetto.

We would've loved to see you, but we were out of town.