Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Pretty Good Day

(Lake Charles, LA) I keep finding these beautiful girls.

The USA may be in an economic crunch but it sure ain't in a beautiful girl crunch. A least not in Louisiana. Case in point is 15 year old Andrea pictured here with me.

I found out today that Andrea reads my blog from time to time. She found out I was in town and asked her mom to bring her by so she could meet me. I can tell you I stopped what I was doing to meet her.

And the next time she reads this blog she will be reading about herself.

Andrea is a freshman in high school, an honor student and plays the clarinet in the marching band. She also plays the piano and tennis, loves to dance and is very active in her youth group at her church.

And she has more personality than you can shake a stick at. How many 15 year old girls do you know who will walk up to a big old gray headed man like me, look him in the eye and say, "I want to meet you."

She got my attention for sure.

I asked her if she liked her mom or dad the best (both were present) and she looked at both of them and didn't say a word. I could see why she was an honor student.

Andrea is an only child except for an English Bulldog named Otis she claims as a little brother. Being the only human child of her parents, she gets plenty of attention.

But she is not spoiled. Not even close.

She told me she wants to go to medical school one day and become a dermatologist. Her dad told me she has now changed her mind because just a couple of years ago she wanted to be a "hair fixit lady."

Whatever she decides to do you can bet your last dollar she will do it very well. It didn't take me but a few minutes to figure that out.

I'm not sure what you did today but I made myself a brand new friend in Louisiana.

And I'll just say that makes for a pretty good day.

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Anonymous said...

Thank God she didn't get her looks from Bubba.