Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finishing Strong

One of the readers of this blog sent me this video today. There is a good chance that more than a few of you good folks who are reading this today have been knocked down.

Maybe you need a little inspiration to get back up and finish what you started.

I think this will do it.


sherry said...

Wow! That was so profound and inspiring. It went right along with the bible study I am doing, Beth Moore's Steppin Up A Journey
Through the Psalms of Assent. Psalm 123:2.b Says:...So our eyes are on the Lord our God UNTIL He shows us favor (mercy, grace, loving-kindness). The 123rd Psalm starts out saying: I will lift my eyes to You the One enthroned in heaven.
Keep your eyes on the Lord and He WILL align you with His will and you WILL recieve His mercy, grace, loving-kindness - His favor. Praise the Lord for even His name is our help according to Ps 124:8. Thanks for sharing that inspiring video with us, Bruce.

Judy said...

Go to www.lifewithoutlimbs.org. Nick's saying is no arms, no legs, no worries. He is a true Christian and truly walks the walk! You will be blown away by how we limit ourselves and he sees no barriers. A truly remarkable Aussie!

Kobra57 said...

I'm touched everytime I watch it. Thanks for posting it Bruce. Kobra