Monday, January 26, 2009

Smiley Face

I didn't take this picture but if I had seen it and had my camera I most definitely would have. In fact, I would have gone back to the car to get my camera to capture this.

A friend emailed the picture to me with this caption, "This is why you should twirl one time in front of the mirror every morning before leaving the house."

I don't know if this nice lady was wearing her own underwear or was wearing her granddaughter's, but she definitely caused several folks in that grocery store to have their own smiley face.

And I thought you folks in blog land could use a smiley face of your own.


You've earned it on this Monday.


Judy said...

As my principal always told us -"do a butt check each morning before leaving the house." But then again at least this woman remembered to "wear your best underwear in case you are in an accident." put a smile on my face!

Judy said...
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Anonymous said...

Didn't know Victoria Secret sold that type of lady's garments.