Thursday, May 07, 2009

No Dancing on the Golf Course

I have written about the Chicken George Golf Tournament before here. But the video below is too good NOT to share with all my friends in blog land.

The Annual Chicken George Golf Tournament was started by my brother, Chicken George Goddard. His excuse for starting the tournament in the late seventies was to bring our University of Georgia fraternity brothers together once a year. George and I were in the same fraternity so I also was friends with all the Lambda Chi’s who gathered in Reynolds one weekend a year.

Each year the tournament grew and others not related to the fraternity joined the fun.

People from many different states came to Reynolds to play the little 9-hole golf course. The two day tournament would have three shotgun starts each day at its height and there would be two sixsomes on each tee when each round was played.

That equates to 108 golfers on the nine hole course each round.

I don’t think there has ever been in the history of golf that many golfers on a 9 hole golf course. It was incredible and we were fortunate nobody got killed by a stray golf ball.

Interestingly, some of the golfers were serious and accomplished golfers. Others just came to play for the fun.

I’ve played in many golf tournaments in my life and there has never been one any more fun than the Chicken George Golf tournament.

For you folks with Reynolds Ga connections, you will see Buster Byrd and Tommy Neely in the video below at their best. And if you keep watching you will be able to study the golf swing of the one and only Dealer Downs Scott.

The video below was filmed in 1985. I was the camera man and the commentator. The golfers in the dancing scene are made up of friends from college and a couple of famous local guys mentioned above. The dancing took place right in the middle of the tournament while golfers in the fairway behind them were waiting to hit.

This was golf in its purest form.

And there was only one rule.

No dancing on the golf course.


Natalie said...

Where can I get Brian a golf outfit like that? They were H-O-T. HOT! :)

Judy S said...

Boy, that brings back memories. I could hear the insects buzzing by the creak and feel that ice cold water. I remember getting so cold as a child that my lips would turn purple. Oh, those were the days. Howard tried to teach me to play golf but gave up quickly. My swing was more like hitting a baseball. He said that I would do better just playing cards in the clubhouse. Thanks again for wonderful memories.

Cindy said...

I love it!! It brings back memories! JJ and I used to be the water girls!

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock by all the "booty" shorts the guys had on--I'm laughing so hard my side hurts. Thanks for the memories. sue

Anonymous said...

They had shorts on, and that was there legs? I thought they were riding chickens.

Kevin R said...

I thought what happened at Chicken George stayed at Chicken George?

Anonymous said...

i played in alot of them... the best 2 days in golf i've ever had..