Sunday, May 10, 2009

When Mama is Happy

I approach Mother’s Day with mixed feelings these days.

There is a sense of sadness because I think of my own mother. I have more memories than I can begin to mention here. I’ll just say this - I had one incredible mother and I have been blessed so much that words would never do justice as to what I feel.

The pastor always says something on Mother’s Day Sunday to cause my eyes to fill up with tears. And he did today.

I also think of my mother in law. She has been my mother in law for almost 32 years now and I have been part of her family for 38 years – which is most of my life. She is now suffering through the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Actually she is not suffering – it’s her children who are suffering. Unless you have been through this, you would never understand. Even so, we have much to be thankful. She is perfectly content and never complains. Thankfully some days are better than others. And this Mother’s Day weekend brought good days.

Then there is the fun I have watching my own sons show up on this special weekend to honor their mother. It seems like just yesterday they were little boys running from one thing to the next and reaching up for their mama when they skinned their knee.

Now she has to reach up to them.

I think the greatest tribute they have paid their mom is the girls they have chosen to spend their lives with. My goodness they did well. Saturday night we had the entire crew together. There was a daddy and a mama, three sons, two daughters in law, one soon to be daughter in law, a beautiful grandbaby girl and another baby growing in a womb.

As you might imagine there was a lot of laughter. Right dab in the middle of it all, there was one happy Mama.

And when Mama is happy, everybody is happy.

I hope there were a lot of happy Mamas today.


Anonymous said...

I love you, Mama.


Judy S said...

You and Kathy have a beautiful family. God Bless.

PS I need you and your family to help with the Alzheimer's Memory Walk. They are making progress and I pray for a cure. I am on the planning committee and we could sure us good people like you who know first hand what this can do.

Anonymous said...

I love you mama