Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life By the Tail

Today was a monumental day in our household.

Our youngest, Luke, officially became a college graduate. He took his last final this morning. When his diploma arrives it will be inscribed with such lofty words as Bachelor of Arts in English.

He can talk to you intelligently about folks like Shakespeare, Eliot, Emerson, and Murray. He has learned to express himself in writing after having been forced to write dozens and dozens of papers on subjects most unread folks like me know nothing about. He has learned oral communication skills after having been forced to stand in front of classrooms and give presentations about subjects that are not easy to comprehend, much less explain.

He also has a bit of a sense of humor.

Make that a large bit.

I believe the lessons he has learned are very important and will take him far in life.

I also happen to believe if you do not develop communication skills with the ability to influence others, you will spend your entire career working for someone who can.

To be honest, I wondered a couple of years ago what in the world Luke would do with a degree in English. Today, I am wondering in great anticipation what a degree in English could do for Luke.

Additionally, in just eight short weeks, he will marry the love of his life. And trust me, he has punted way past his coverage.

He says he's taking a few days off and next week will begin his quest to become gainfully employed. I know I am biased but when someone out there eventually hires him (and they will), they will quickly discover they got themselves a prize.

Luke has life by the tail and doesn't even know it.

But I hope he does know his dad is extremely proud of him.


Judy S said...

Congraulations to Luke and I know that he will successful in whatever he undertakes.

Anonymous said...

This mama is proud!!!

Anonymous said...

He could go to mortuary school and carry on the family tradition.