Saturday, August 01, 2009

He Always Has a Plan

Chalk one up for the good guys.

Or good gal in this case.

Actually you can chalk one up for a good God who came through just in the nick of time for one gorgeous single southern belle by the name of Cindy Comperry.

Cindy graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1995 with a communication degree, which made sense to me since her dad is a professional “communicator “in the form of a Methodist minister. Not long after her graduation, Cindy landed a job with the American Cancer Society in Nashville and used her education in a wonderful way as she worked to raised funds for such a worthy cause.

After about nine years of fund raising for the ACS, Cindy changed careers and began working as Community Promotions Director for Journal Communications. This job was right up her alley and she found herself traveling to other parts of the country. She was a happy as a lark and sailing right on through life with the wind at her back.

Until about six months ago.

Cindy went in to work one winter day and found out her job had been eliminated. She became another victim of the economic train wreck of our good ole’ US of A. Not a comfortable position for a young single female who had spent the last 14 years making her own living.

The good news is Cindy did not panic. She corresponded with her network of friends and business associates looking for good advice.

Her Methodist upbringing didn’t hurt either because she also spent a great deal of time corresponding with her heavenly network.

Her verse for the past six months was from Hebrews 1. “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Cindy was sure of what she hoped for. And though she will freely admit she worried and wavered a few times about being certain of what she could not see, she kept the faith.

And she waited.

And prayed.

And others waited and prayed with her.

Today Cindy’s faith is much stronger than it has ever been. And her faith is stronger than it would have been if she had not gone through six months without a job.

The truth is when Cindy was wavering God was not wavering. He had a plan all the time and at just the right time He would show up.

Her unemployment checks were scheduled to end next week.

On Friday Cindy accepted a job doing what she has been training to do for the last 14 years.

Talk about timing.

Mind you, Cindy did not know she had been in training for this new job... but God did.

Even when it seems the walls are coming down and our world is falling apart, God is always in control.

He always has a plan.

And the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital will now be beneficiaries of His plan.

Yeah baby.


Judy S said...

You are so right. He always has a plan. When one door closes, he opens another. Congraulations to this young lady and I am sure that God will continue to bless her.

Anonymous said...

BRUCE - I love you!!! Your words a precious and yes, you are right - this time has definitely been a faith builder! Maybe this will encourage others who are in my same boat! Hugs...CINDY

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to know that God has blessed Cindy and answered all of the prayers being lifted up for her regarding her work. Hebrews 11:1 is one of my favorites too! May God continue to bless her as she seeks Him.
Rebecca O.
(Director of Student Ministries under Cindy's Daddy)