Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Can't Make This Stuff Up

If I had been blogging on September 2, 2010, I would have definitely told this story.  Absolutely no doubt about it.

I was visiting in the great state of Alabama when my friend casually told me about this.  I can’t say I was just laughing when she told me the story.  It was much more.

There is a laughter that can bring tears you know.

My friend’s husband, Marty,  had gotten off work after a hard day and stopped by the local Hardees  to get a bite to eat.   He got his cheeseburger, fries and diet coke and took his tray to a table.  As an afterthought he decided he needed to go to the restroom. 

 Marty placed his truck keys on his tray next to his food and placed the tray on the table and headed to the men’s room. 

When he returned he couldn’t believe an old man was sitting at the table eating his food.

The old man, for your information, was probably my age because my friend and her husband are much younger.

Marty confronted the old man that was probably my age and told him he was eating his food.  The bewildered man told Marty he was mistaken.  My friend said there was no way Marty was going to let this man eat the food he had just purchased.  She said you would just have to know Marty.

After some arguing back and forth, Marty finally grabbed the half eaten hamburger off the man’s plate. The old man jumped up and told Marty if he wanted the food that bad he could have it.

The old man stormed out of the restaurant.

As the old man was leaving, Marty noticed a uneaten burger, fries and coke on a tray on another table. 

He also noticed his truck keys were next to the plate.

Marty ran out of the restaurant and ran across the parking lot to try to catch the man to apologize.

The man saw Marty running towards him and floored the accelerator to get out of the parking lot and away.

I suppose the poor old man was thinking, “If this idiot thinks I was eating his food he probably thinks this is his automobile!”

I can’t make this stuff up folks.

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