Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Good Life

A friend contacted me recently who is writing a book about the “Good Life.” He is interviewing various folks who will bring different perspectives to his subject. Although I have not talked to him yet, his question has caused me to think.

What in the world is the “good life?”

I’m quite sure the good life is not based on someone having more money than they can spend, because I’ve known too many independently wealthy people who hate their life.

I am also quite sure the good life is not about reaching a certain status socially, educationally or even in the business world because I know too many people who climb those ladders only to find more emptiness at every rung.

The good life can’t be a life free of problems and pain because I know we learn too much about life from the problems and pain.

Nobody would live the good life if it is based on always making the right choices because none of us do it right all the time.

I am certain that I was born into a family that produced an environment that was very conducive of the good life and I know some are not as fortunate but I’m not sure living the good life is based on what others in your life do or do not do.

I’m not sure I even really know what my perspective is as I think about the good life for my friend as he researches for his book. But in the next few (maybe more than a few) posts here I will give it a shot.

Please bear with me. I will post as I have time and there seems not to be a lot of that available for me these days. I also understand that what I post here will be only my perspective. I certainly don’t have credentials for such a task.

But if gray hair and a lot of passionate living counts for anything, then please stay tuned.

I also would love to hear your opinions and have your input as I air this out. You can comment here or email me at

We’re talking about the good life.

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