Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living Intentionally ( The Good Life)

As I mentioned on the last post, I have decided to write about “the good life” here for a while. Maybe it will take me two posts to do that but then again it could take fifty. As I also mentioned, I sure would like feedback and input from you as you consider “the good life” with me.

Actually I have a reason for writing about this besides the fact I was asked to be interviewed about the subject. I just meet too many folks who either hate their life or – at the least, don’t like it a whole lot. Some seem to be so looking forward to the “after life” that they run over folks in their current life in their search. Others live as if all that matters is what happens in the next minute or day. And others don’t seem to care about either.

I got an email last night from a friend who quoted her Facebook post for me: “Perhaps a good life is a compilation of good days – today was a good day, made special by many people. Thank you all for contributing to my good life.”

I think she is on to something.

The people thing.

I am absolutely (almost) certain that people are put in our lives for a reason. That surely includes our family, lifelong friends, bosses, pastors, teachers, business associates, customers and new friends. But I also think it includes those folks like the young girl who is waiting our table or the guy that is shining our shoes or even the nurse that is taking our blood pressure.

For instance I met a retired couple in the checkout line today at a local cafeteria and ended up having a 30 minute conversation with him in the parking lot standing by my car. I really don't believe that meeting was an accident.

Maybe a big piece of the “good life” is living intentionally and in the moment as we relate to people – giving them an opportunity to impact our lives and making it better - and giving us the opportunity to make theirs better.

Today was a good day. Kathy and I had an appointment at the courthouse and were sworn in as temporary guardians for Kylee. She has been living with us for a couple of months and will live with us during her senior year in high school. We made it official today. Kylee’s parents were transferred to another state and she wanted to finish her last year of high school with her friends.

We raised our hands. Intentionally.

She is with us for a season and a reason. And we are already having a blast.

We’re talking about the good life.

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Kim said...

Our family has been blessed with the Goddards. I prayed for several months that the Goddards would ask for Kylee to stay with them and one night Kathy sent me a text asking if Kylee could stay with them. This has been the hardest decision for us, but knowing she is staying with an amazing family is answered prayers. God is amazing. Thank you Bruce and Kathy.