Thursday, September 01, 2011

My (almost) Very Own Hannah Kasulka

Thank goodness for technology such as TiVo and DVR.   I will definitely be utilizing my DVR Saturday night at 8pm.  There is a huge conflict on my television calendar.

The Georgia Bulldogs will kick-off the 2011 season against Boise (as in Idaho) State.  I plan to watch every play like I have for past 39 years since I began my secondary and other important worldly education in Athens.  The game could be very ugly or very pretty.  Nobody knows for sure.

And at the same time a movie will be showing on NBC called, "Game Time: Tackling the Past."  I happen to know the outcome of this one will be pretty. Not just pretty because I have read the reviews but pretty because my (almost) very own Hannah Kasulka will be playing the role of cheerleader Allie Jacobs.

And I happen to know Hannah is pretty - as in "drop dead gorgeous” pretty.  I hope you will excuse my “undertaker” lingo.

I've been at most of Hannah's important life events. I was there at her birth 23 years ago.  I said a few words at her baby dedication a few months later. I think I was close by when she took her first steps. I even introduced her to a large banquet crowd when she was a little girl when she ran across the stage and jumped in my arms.  There have been more than a few dance recitals I attended as she was growing up. I closely followed her modeling career and would whisper to whoever was next to me, “I know this girl,” when I would see her picture in magazines.  I smiled when she graduated with honors from high school and beamed with pride a few years after that when she graduated a semester early again with honors with a Business Management degree from Georgia Tech.

I have known since she was a child and said many times to whoever would listen, "This girl was born to be somebody."

I was not at all surprised when my (almost) very own Hannah Kasulka left everybody and everything familiar after her college graduation and moved alone across the country to LA to pursue her dream in acting.  And I smiled again when a talent agency quickly picked her up and I began to see her get a TV role or two or three along the way. In fact she has just shot another movie that will be coming to the big screen soon entitled, “What To Expect When You Are Expecting” starring Cameron Diaz.

But in the mean time, as Hannah’s acting career is ramping up, Saturday September 3rd is a big night for me.   At 8PM the 2011 edition of my very own Georgia Bulldogs will be debuting on ESPN and at the same time my (almost) very own Hannah Kasulka will be debuting as Allie Jacobs on NBC. 

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am planning on watching both.

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