Monday, October 10, 2011

A Very Good Dog Tired

I’m not sure where to begin writing about our travels up and down the coast of Maine this past week but there are several story lines. Although the vacation had been planned for months, it could not have come at a better time for my wife and a couple of her siblings. The funeral service for their mother was held a few days before we began our little journey. The only missing link was that the youngest sibling and her hubby were not able to make it.

We flew into Boston about a week ago, rented a Suburban and after a few hours in downtown Boston, the six of us headed north. We have laughed a lot. A whole lot. And I have eaten more lobster and blueberry pie in one week than I had my entire first 57 years.

The scenery was breathtaking and although each night’s stay was planned, if we saw something that caught our eye, we pulled over and enjoyed it.

As in all of our journeys, if we just take the time to look, there are life lessons that jump out at us along the way.

I couldn’t help but notice it took effort to get to the most beautiful sights. Whether it was the hike we took up south Bubbles mountain, the treacherous and very long walk on the rocks to get to to Breakwater Lighthouse, the hour line we stood in for the best lobster roll in Maine or breaking and pulling the final shell off the delicious lobster, you find the best only after much effort.

Just as in life.

As time permits, I will write about some of our experiences. I’m sure I will mention such things as Lynn almost breaking her leg, Kathy dropping her phone in the toilet, the little “witch is in” desk clerk that turned out not to be a witch after all and the importance of having “dog friendly’ shoes when you hike up a mountain.

And there were all the places we ate and the ratings we gave them. Who knows - some of you may want to try some of the places as well. Maybe I can help.

Then there is the agony of waiting outside all the little shops with other men from across the country as the ladies browse and shop inside.

Additionally there are over 800 pictures - and video footage to boot - so there is a video tribute of this trip that must be done.

Although we don’t have the luxury to do so, this was a vacation where you need another vacation to recuperate. We are all dog tired.

Kinda like the “dog tired” when we arrived at the top of the mountain and saw the incredible view of God’s creation.

A very good dog tired.

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Kim A said...

So glad you enjoyed the trip.