Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ugly is a Choice (most of the time)

I laughed tonight when I read this comment on yesterday’s blog: “I must be the only ugly person you know.” I have no idea who wrote that but I have a feeling they were smiling when they typed it. And whoever they are, they just gave me the ammunition for another blog.

Whether they were smiling or not, I suppose I do tend to show you pictures of beautiful people. But remember my blog rule (most of the time) is I choose to only show you the shiny side. I never intended to talk about ugly people. But just so you are not confused I do know some ugly ones. In fact I know many ugly people. And I’m sure I could come up with some articles on my ugly friends.

People don’t talk about ugly like they used to do. I remember when I was a kid older men would come up to me and say such things as “How did you get so ugly, boy?” Or “How ya doing ugly?” I never took it personally because they said the same thing to all my friends. You baby boomers who grew up when I did know what I’m talking about it. “Boy you sure are ugly” was no different than “How ya doin?” Maybe it was a southern thing.

But since I've been an adult I don’t think I have ever walked up to a young person and introduced myself and asked them how they got so ugly so young. And now that I think about, it’s been years since I’ve heard anyone say that. But they sure used to.

But as I got older, I began to realize that ugly really doesn’t have much to do with who you are but rather how you act. I can tell you there have been plenty of times I have been plenty ugly. I have said things I should not have said more times that I can mention. I have acted like a horse’s batooty when it would have been just as easy to be nice. Ugly to the bone. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up or maybe because I see things differently now, but it takes much more to get me ugly now. But I can still get ugly.

And I sure do notice ugly people. I see them when they honk the horn and give the finger to a motorist who cuts them off. I hear them when they cuss a ticket agent because their plane is delayed. I read about them when they abuse their wife or child. I watch them on television when they are arrested for selling drugs to our kids. I see them when they are arrogant in their position in life. Yep I do know plenty of ugly people.

But ugly is a choice (most of the time).

And I choose to write about the shiny side.


Anonymous said...

My Mama always told me when I was growing up, "Pretty is as pretty does". I have always tried to do that. But there are times when we do get ugly. We just can't help ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Hi Bruce,

I've always been told that God don't like ugly......

Anonymous said...

I guess life is like a box of chocolates and so are looks. You never know what you are going to get, unless you see a plastic surgeon.

Anonymous said...

Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone!