Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I Knew They Would Do It

A few weeks ago I wrote about Katherine Eiland holding her little cousin. Someone left an anonymous comment on that blog saying she looked like she was practicing. I think the commenter was exactly right. I now know she knew something we didn’t that day. The picture definitely painted more than a thousand words.

For the record, I happened to be standing on the other side of the altar the day a few years ago when Katherine Whatley got married. I knew when they left for their honeymoon that night that she and Russ were going to do it. I just knew it.

Just in case you don’t know, Katherine is very special to us. Since she is our niece and godchild, we watched her grow up from a close vantage point. We have a ton of memories of her as a child. We also remember her learning all the words from the Psalty Songbook videos that played on our television all day every day. Charity Churchmouse was one of those characters and was Katherine’s favorite and she was always singing those Charity Churchmouse songs. And trust me she knew all the words.

The songs, by the way, were about faith. Katherine eventually grew out of Charity Churchmouse videos and songs but she never grew out of her faith. She always believed that God would send her Prince Charming and would bless her life. And at just the right time He did. Prince Charming came in the form of one Russ Eiland. I don’t think I have ever seen a more perfect match.

And the blessings continue. Russ and Katherine are now pregnant. The due date is September but they won’t know if it is a little Katherine or a little Russ until April. They went to the doctor yesterday and they listened to a strong heartbeat. They now have the first trimester behind them and the baby and their excitement are growing and growing.

And life is very good.

I just knew they would do it.


Drew said...

That is so exciting!! Congratulations to you both! :)

JUdy S said...

What a beautiful couple. Congratulations to them, the grandparents and the godparents. Children and grandchildren are God's special gift.

Anonymous said...

I just love your play on words. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you Uncle Bruce-Wow does Charity Churchmouse bring back some memories! We are so excited and can't wait to meet him/her in September.
I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh do I remember Charity Churchmouse. I am so excited for them both. But it does make me feel old. And may Charity Churchmouse find her way back to Katherine's house. Ha.. Just kidding. Love you Kath and Russ.


Anonymous said...

No one could ever doubt that Katherine is a Whatley! She looks just like her Aunt Lynda and Jimmy!
Know the baby will be beautiful, too!

Anonymous said...


if it's a girl, would you consider naming her "Charity Churchmouse"? I think it would be not only great, but very different.