Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Got Some Oceanfront Property in Arizona

When you have been married to the same woman for almost 34 years, you run out of ideas for unique birthday gifts.

Through an email advertisement a few weeks ago, I saw that the King and Queen of Country would be doing a concert in Jacksonville on my wife’s birthday weekend. I bought four tickets.

On the spot. Before I got up from my chair.

Although we had never been to a country concert I thought it would be a blast. We invited a couple to go with us, who happened to be the pastor of our church and his wife. He immediately accepted my invitation.

On the spot. Before he got up from his chair.

I was impressed that my pastor was wearing an authentic cowboy hat when we picked them up Thursday night and headed out to Jacksonville. I love “men of the cloth” who are not afraid to have a little fun.

When we arrived a little early at the arena in Jacksonville, a large crowd was lined up waiting for the doors to open. When we finally got in the arena, we quickly found ourselves in another line to purchase some memorabilia in the form of tee shirts or caps or whatever one buys at such events.

I struck up a conversation with a young lady standing next to me in line who came to the concert alone. Nicole told me she was a HUGE Reba fan and this was her 10th time seeing her in concert. She loves King George as well, but she actually got to meet Reba a few years ago backstage. Nicole said she literally passed out when she walked out the door after meeting Reba. Nicole said her husband opted out of this concert. He is not into country music at all. Not sure if he is aware, but his wife IS into country music. Big time. If I were a marriage counselor, I would suggest he join his wife next time the King and Queen of Country come to town.

Just sayin'.

To the say the crowd went crazy when Reba came on the stage would be an understatement. Everybody seem to know every word to every song.

When you have won 7 Top Female Vocalist Awards from the Academy of Country Music and 12 Favorite Country Female Artist awards and have 35 Number 1 Singles, people tend to know the lyrics of the songs you sing. None got the crowd going anymore than the lyrics of this song, “Tell Me Why I Haven’t Heard From You.”

Well back in 1876 an ol' boy named Bell
Invented a contraption that we know so well
By the 1950's they're in everybodys home
it's a crazy little thing they call a telephone
Now there's one in every corner, in the back of every bar
You can get one in your
briefcase, on a plane or in your car.
So tell me why, haven't I, heard from you
Tell me why, haven't I, heard from you
I said now darlin', honey, what is your excuse
Why haven't I heard from you.

I couldn't help but wonder if Nicole's husband would be singing that song to his wife in the not too distant future.

George Strait and the "Ace in the Hole" band came out sometime after 9:30PM with a completely different show. Different band. Different style. Actually there were three different bands performing. Leanne Womack open the show, then Reba, then King George.

King George also rocked the house. Here is a singing cowboy that has amassed 57 Number 1 hits. And they knew the lyrics to his songs too.

During one particular love song, a young couple sitting a few rows in front of us immediately stood up and embraced and caressed each other. They never let go until the song was over. Then they sat back down quietly and were not even holding hands. I’m not sure if that was the song they had sung at their wedding or it was playing when they first consummated their relationship - but one thing is for sure. It was their song.

We watched the crowd as much as the professional entertainers.

It was close to midnight when we finally got in the car. We all agreed we did not enjoy the concert at all. The entertainment was lousy and overall, it was a rather boring evening.

And now if you'll buy that...

I got some ocean front property in Arizona. From my front porch you can see the sea. I got some ocean front property in Arizona. If you'll buy that, I'll throw the golden gate in free.


Renee said...

I know y'all had a great time!! When we went last year, Sheryl and Johnny and Gary and Kathy went with us at the Philips Arena and it was fantastic!! Don't know how you can top this birthday for Kathy next year!! Love you both!

Jan said...

Great concert! I even got Tim to go last year at Philips Arena and he had lots of fun! It was our Christmas present to each other! We got to see Melissa Peterman also and she was hilarious! Guess since she has her own show now on CMT she may not be traveling with them. One of the best concerts I have ever been to! Glad y'all had fun!